November 29, 2021

Alliants to speak at INSPIRE - 10th conference on luxury hospitality

Join Kevin Edwards, Global business development director at the INSPIRE conference Dec 2nd-3rd 2021.

Speaking as part of a panel 'Digital deviance: How hotels realised they had to love tech' chaired by Katherine Doggrell, Kevin will be joined by David JM Orr, CEO of Resident Hotels, Michael Mrini, IT Director of Edwardian Hotels & Mark Forrester, Chairman at 80 DAYS.

Kevin Edwards - Global Business Development Director

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About Kevin:

Kevin is the Business Development Director at Alliants and helps hotel investors and operators reduce technology costs while creating efficient operating platforms. Kevin has a deep knowledge of technology and business consulting to enable him to develop strategies that create the right customer experience and the business behind it to execute them.

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