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Q&A with Joshua

In our series of ‘meet the team’ interviews, we chat with Joshua Beagrie, consultant in our data services team.

Tell us a little about yourself

My background is rooted in travel having cut my teeth at my father’s travel management company at 16.  Since graduating from Bath School of Business, I have had successful tenures in travel technology as well as hospitality technology. I have built a skill-set that enables me to simplify complexity, communicate effectively, and problem-solve on the fly.

What attracted you to join Alliants?

I love immersing myself within the unique circumstances of the client. I am inquisitive by nature and hospitality is a fascinating industry. Alliants are trusted to deliver on key digital initiatives for their clients and that requires grasping complex issues, accountability to the client, and delivering real change. To me, all three of those are powerful motivators as well as learning opportunities.

The culture of Alliants was also a big factor in my decision. There is a special recipe of diversity of skill as well as consistency of attitudes towards delivery and effective team working. This mixture is what I believe makes the company, not just successful, but also a great place to work.

What are some of your passions?

Outside of work, I love anything with an engine. I especially love the buzz and culture of motorsport. I have been trackside at Circuit de la Sarthe for the Le Mans 24 hours race in France on numerous occasions. I have also had the privilege of being able to travel to some incredible countries. Discovering new food, traditions and climates are always exciting. The coronavirus has taught me you actually don’t need to travel too far to find such things. I also enjoy racket sports such as squash and tennis when time dictates!

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

I would say my go-to contact would be my father. Whenever I need a confidence boost or a snippet of advice I can count on him to provide insight. As an over-thinker, one piece of humorous early-career advice that has stuck with me, especially when I experience a bit of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ or self-doubt, is to remember, ‘You’re not as important as you think you are’. It might seem counter-intuitive but it helps ground me and offers a ‘get it done’ mentality that works to my advantage.

In other words; don’t concern yourself too much with what other people think, don’t worry too much before taking initiative, don’t ask for permission to do great things. Everyone else is either focused on themselves or worried about what others think of them. Focus on the task at hand and do what you think is right, because your first guess is sometimes right, but your second never is.

Another key source of inspiration for me is learning about young, intrepid, fast-paced innovation teams; notably Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works” and NASA. They demonstrate how applying the right attitudes and ‘first-principles’ thinking can shape our perception of what's possible. Everyone should listen to the podcasts ‘Inside Skunk Works’, and ‘13 Minutes to the Moon’.

What is a great day off for you?

A great day off would always start with a breakfast that involves bacon, and if the weather is good, a road trip to somewhere interesting and perhaps a car show. If the weather is poor, then a good film or video game and a roast dinner with a glass of red wine.

What’s been your best travel experience?

My best travel experience was ‘Yolo-ing’ through Central America and California in 2015. Travelling through Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, San Diego, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A highlight for me was summiting Acatenango Volcano just in time for sunrise, and watching the adjacent active Volcán de Fuego gently erupting with a distant bellowing rumble - quite the scene.

Your best travel tip

Pack light. You’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable travelling is. Oh, and bring spare socks, spare SD cards for your camera in case you lose it, and loo roll if you’re deep in the jungle.

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