Dominic Indoe
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Dominic Indoe

Business Consultant

With a background in data analysis and marketing, Dominic previously assisted in the development of the global CRM and BI analysis strategy for Jaguar Land Rover.

Since joining Alliants, he has provided business strategy consultancy services to our hospitality clients, as well as being instrumental in on-boarding new clients to Alliants’ Experience Platform. Dominic's role is now focused on managing the technical on-boarding (integrations), online training and analytics for the Alliants Experience Platform.

Q&A with Dominic Indoe

In our new series of ‘meet the team’ interviews with our hospitality team, we chat with Dominic Indoe, Business Consultant.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Dom, most people assume I'm from England but I was actually born in Malaysia, I lived out there for a year before having a short stint in Hong Kong and then finally settling down in the South of England. I studied in the West Country, I promise my love for cider had no sway in my decision (it definitely did). Since graduating I have been drawn back down to the South Coast where I joined at Alliants.

What attracted you to join Alliants?

The idea of working with some of the top luxury hotel brands definitely attracted me to Alliants. I also wanted to have the opportunity to grow and develop within an SME environment.

What are some of your passions?

I have a passion to watch Tottenham Hotspur, I hold a season ticket to the glorious team but obviously at the moment I am watching from afar. Other passions include gaming, I've always been a gamer since a young age and don’t intend to give it up even if my other half really despises it.

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

The team at Alliants - I came here straight from university so my experience, apart from my placement year at Jaguar Land Rover, has been relatively limited. I've been provided with many different opportunities to expand my knowledge and none of this would have been possible this early on in my career without their help.

What is a great day off for you?

In a normal world, a great day off for me would be having an easy start to the morning by having breakfast and catching up on some tv. The afternoon would be exploring somewhere with my partner or friends followed by an evening of fun at my favourite place on earth, Popworld (It's not, but I've convinced everyone in the office that it is).

Whats been your best travel experience?

My all time favourite trip was perhaps interrailing around Europe. My partner and I travelled 7 countries in 15 days and somehow managed to plan everything perfectly with only a couple of trains/check-ins we had to run for. I would recommend interrailing for anyone who likes an adventurous holiday and it can be done on a budget!

And finally... Your best travel tip?

If you haven't got one and your country allows you to, get a card like Monzo. It is honestly a game changer when travelling, getting the best exchange rates and not having to carry wads of cash around with you whilst away is amazing. It's free as well!

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